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About our linen Supply Company Based in Colorado Springs, CO

Old Pictures - Uniforms in Colorado Springs, CO
In 1910, Reliable Linen Service was founded in Detroit, Michigan. In the early days, Reliable Linen Service consisted solely of a horse drawn wagon and the aprons that our grandfather, William Sandler, made for the man who originally owned the company. One day in 1911, when the owner was unable to pay our grandfather for the aprons he had made, the man gave his company to our grandfather in exchange for the monies that was owed him.
Grandfather Sandler's two sons, my uncles, Larry and Sam, originally worked the business alongside their father. During World War II, Uncle Larry was stationed at Lowry Air Field in Denver Colorado, thus beginning a longstanding love affair with the Rocky Mountains and leading him to call Colorado his “home”.
In 1932, Larry and Sam's sister, Jeanne, our mother, married Ted Wayne, the owner of a linen supply service in Toledo, Ohio. In 1948, Jeanne and Ted decided to leave Ohio behind and head out west to Colorado to join Uncle Larry in founding Reliable Linen Service of Colorado.

In 1950, Uncle Larry and our mother and father opened a branch in Ft Collins, Colorado, and purchased Central Uniform in Colorado Springs and Mountain States Uniform in Pueblo, Colorado. By the mid 1960's, Reliable Linen Service of Colorado had become the largest linen supplier on the Front Range of Colorado.

Over the last 100 years, our company has been solely owned and operated by our family. We now operate under the name of Central Uniform & Linen Supply Company and remain a locally owned and family operated business.

Barry Wayne – Owner, President
Nancy Wayne – Owner, Vice President