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Dust Control and Cleaning Product Services in the Front Range of Colorado

Rental mats that work for you.

Professionally serviced floor mats can catch at least 75% of the dust and dirt tracked into your facility. In restaurants, hotels, industrial and office suites, theaters and schools, mats should be a key element in your building maintenance program. Buildings without mats can incur hundreds, even thousands of dollars of excessive costs in cleaning alone.

Consider that 70% or more of dust, dirt and grime in a building is tracked in from the outside permanently damaging floors and carpets. One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week – double that in inclement weather. It is estimated that the cost to remove a pound of dirt from a building exceeds $600 in cleaning costs.
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Entrance Mat - mats in Colorado Springs, CO
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Exterior Mats: These mats are your first line of defense against dirt in your building. These mats are designed to stay in place in all kinds of weather while removing heavy coarse soil from shoes.

Entrance Mats: These mats continue your protection after the exterior mat. Made with the best fine, cut pile carpet, these mats collect soil and moisture that would otherwise be tracked deep inside your facility.

Interior Mats: These mats are mats that are used in a specific area. They are placed where a spill might need to be caught, or other soil is generated. These mats, in addition to providing more protection, can be used to enhance your company's image, communicate a message or offer a motivational statement. Logo mats designed just for your company. Safety mats to protect your employees. Motivational mats to encourage your employees. We provide the very best quality mats available. Mountville Mills and Milliken mats –we believe the best you can buy!

Anti-Fatigue Mats: These mats will pay for themselves. By providing comfortable, safe working surfaces for your employees, you increase productivity and improve employee morale. For your employees that stand on their feet for long periods of time, these mats help reduce foot, leg and back fatigue!
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Mop - cleaning products in Colorado Springs, CO
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A clean business is good advertising. Dust Mops and Wet Mops. We carry a full inventory of sizes, colors and styles of dust control products. Mops, handles, frames… we have everything you need to keep your floors clean.
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Disposable items

Disposable Products: From air fresheners to lotion hand soaps, toilet paper to paper towels, we have a full line of disposable products. Let us professionally install and service all of your sanitation needs. Central Linen Services provides everything from the dispensers to the paper and liquid products for all of your industrial supply needs. We offer weekly and bi-weekly delivery services to ensure you are well stocked for even the busiest weeks of business. Contact us today, and get an estimate on what Central Linen Services can do for you.

Dispensers: Whether you are a new business or an existing one, we provide everything you need for your sanitation needs including installing and maintaining the dispensers. We have a variety of different styles and options to accommodate your business needs.

Soap Products: From lotion hand soaps to low suds industrial cleaning products, we have eco-friendly options for every type of business.

Paper Products: Let our experts help you cut the paper costs. With our disposable paper product services, we can help determine the right amount of products you need, keeping excess stock and inventory down.